Aletek’s Advanced Lighting Products

Aletek provides affordable and advanced solutions for industrial projects. We manufacture and supply a wide range of spotlights, lighting bars and cordless cap lamps for mining, transport and many other heavy industry applications. We strive for reliability, durability and high performance rates.  

Our engineers and designers construct LED and HID heavy duty lights, right here in Australia. Boasting premium features and the latest industry technologies, our products draw a significant customer base. We deliver our products to clients around the world.

Mining cap lights

Cordless LED mining cap lamps are one of our most popular sale items. They are compact, lightweight products that are also, powerful and efficient. Designed to maximise viability, they will dramatically improve safety standards on any industrial worksite. Each cordless cap lamp has a long battery-life, with outstanding discharge times.    

Tornado & Xtreme mining light bars

Our Tornado Range of mining lighting bars are also popular with customers. Available in five different sizes, they cater for a many different industrial applications. Each LED bar features a polycarbonate lens that casts a wide and low, profile light. They come with base and side mounts that can be adjusted and attached to available fixtures.

Our Xtreme range of bar lights, produce massive lumen outputs. They are designed to withstand harsh working environments. Xtreme products can endure heavy vibrations and the most rugged applications. 

Product accessories

Aside from our lamps, we also supply a range of accessories to help with all your lighting applications. From tow bar and universal bar mounts to anti-theft nuts, you’ll find everything you need in our deluxe online collection. 

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